Friday, August 20, 2010

first year portfolio

This is my Daughter and husband playing when she was around 14 months old

Just a weird little dragonfly.

This is Whitney a friend of mine right after an awesome haircut!

This was done in my first studio class as a glass assignment.

This is Elly. i was partnered with her for a portrait assignment.

I was inspired in a Popular Photography magazine to try and shoot a bubble mid pop!

This is a Bride and Groom i shot who wanted an interesting angle.

These are two very hungry alligators during a feeding.

This is Shawna, i wanted to show that she is a country girl and still elegant.

This is from a wedding i shot and i wanted to try a different twist on the ring by placing it on her shoe.

This is from another wedding i shot. 

This is my good friend Alannah during a water shoot.

This is my sister in law Janine. i have always loved her hair so i wanted to emphasize the color and movement of it.

This is Alannah for a portrait assignment. i wanted to show the movement of the dress.

This is my portfolio of my first year in college. i edited and edited until i got down to my favorites. it's been a tough but fun year and hope to do even better in the year to come.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Kelly had the assignment to use something over your lens to simulate a filter so i used a CD and tried to make something nifty.